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Name Tosakin
Japanese name Tosakin
Year of Origin The late Edo Era (1845-1851)
Country of Origin Japan
Breeder Katsusaburo Suga
(a lower-ranking samurai in the Tosa clan, Kochi Prefecture)
It is believed that Katsusaburo Suga, from the Tosa clan, created the Tosakin by cross-breeding the Osakaranchu and the Ryukin sometime between 1845 and 1851 (There is also a theory that it was made through Ryukin mutation). The Tosakin was considered extinct as a result of both devastation following World War II and the Nankai Earthquake in 1946, however, miraculously, six of them were found at a restaurant in Kochi Prefecture. It is said that Hiroe Tamura, who had a close relationship with the Suga family, asked to exchange the Tosakin for bottles of shochu (Japanese spirits). Since all Tosakin originated from these six Tosakin, they are predisposed to weakness (they are too closely related). In 1969, the Tosakin was registered as a protected species in Kochi Prefecture.

It is a local goldfish, specialty of Kochi Prefecture, that has been reared in Kochi Castle since the Edo Era. They have the same body shape as the Ryukin. Its most unique features are its pointed mouth and triple fantail. The basic color is red or red-and-white. They tend to keep their body color, and some of them will not fade even after they become three years old. They are very elegant and popular, and are currently reared not only within Kochi Prefecture but in all areas of Japan by goldfish lovers. It is usual to view them from the top.

Acquisition difficulties Difficult. Although the number of Tosakin is greater than before, they are still very few compared to other kinds of goldfish, and are difficult to acquire.
Rearing difficulties

Difficult. In order to strengthen the Tosakin’s unique fantail, it is necessary to keep them in a round bowl during the first year. Also, because of their history of being closely related and predisposition to weakness, breeding is difficult. While other goldfish which prefer old water, the Tosakin prefers new water, so it needs to be changed frequently, especially in summer. Raising a Tosakin is for the experienced.

Details of the above photo The goldfish in the picture is the goldfish that received first prize in the Tosakin division at the 2006 Goldfish Evaluation Convention in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Other It is not only referred to as the Tosakin, but also the Tosakingyo (the Tosa goldfish).

Wakin Type
Ryukin Type
Oranda Type
Rnachu Type
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Calico Telescope
Calico Oranda
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Chocolate Oranda
Crown Pearlscale
Butterfly tail
Redcap Oranda
Calico Ranchu
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